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Maintenance Engineers – They are an important cog in the wheel

 4th Jul 2017

Today we’re talking to Nicole Lavelle, Consultant in Nine Twenty Engineering & Manufacturing who specialises in recruiting maintenance engineers across the UK.  We’ll be finding out what it takes to become a maintenance engineer, how you can stand out in the maintenance market and what opportunities are out there for maintenance engineers looking to climb the career ladder.



What do you need to do to become a maintenance engineer?

If you are looking to break into a career in maintenance engineering, you will have to do an apprenticeship which usually takes 3-4 years when you become time served. You can focus on either mechanical or electrical bias but most employers these days are looking for multi-skilled maintenance engineers. It can be difficult to find apprenticeship opportunities. However, more companies are investing in bringing in new talent so now is a good time to start looking. You can also visit training centres where you can apply for apprenticeships.


What are the career opportunities for a time served maintenance engineers?

There are endless opportunities in the market for time served maintenance engineers. There is huge demand for these candidates right now across the manufacturing industry, offering different shift patterns and salaries ranging from £27k - £45k.

There are various progression routes you can take if you are looking to move up the career ladder. You can focus on moving up the management ladder, diversify into projects, planning, PLC Programming or look at continuous Improvement roles. All of these would require different training and further education. The best advice is always to focus on what aspects you enjoy most in your maintenance role, which will help you decide on what your next step should be.


How can you differentiate yourself in this market?

I have found that clients are focussing more and more on personality and attitude these days rather than simply looking at skills.

Clients are looking for people who want to make a difference in their role; people who are passionate about engineering. They want people who can think ahead and look at ways to do things better.

It is important you are able to sell yourself at interview in this market place.


What opportunities are out there at present for maintenance engineers?

There are a huge amount of opportunities in the marketplace just now. Here at Nine Twenty Engineering & Manufacturing, we work with most of the major brands in the manufacturing sector and can offer our candidates a consultative approach on which roles and organisations suit them best. We look closely at candidate personalities and marry them up to the best culture to suit them. Come and speak to me to find out more about what opportunities will be suitable for you and discuss which business can give you what you are looking for from your next career move.


Nicole will be holding an open day on Tuesday 18th July in our offices on Bath Street. Please contact her to book in an appointment on 0141 231 1260 or email her on


Hi Nicole, I think I spoke to you last week, you were looking for a contact at Liberty Steel , hope you were successful with the details I gave you. I would like to have came to your open day but unfortunately I,am on holiday but can I forward my CV to you.
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