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Meet the innovators - Victoria Hamilton, Founder of Recoil Knee Pads

 19th Sep 2017


Here at Nine Twenty we're proud to support innovative young Scottish businesses as they grow and develop our workforce for the future. This week we're showcasing Glasgow-based Recoil Knee Pads, with a special guest blog from their founder Victoria Hamilton.


Protecting the most valuable asset to your business - your employees.


Hello! My name is Vicky, I am the founder of Recoil Knee Pads. I am an entrepreneur and the designer of a new knee pad that offers superior comfort and ultimate protection in comparison to the gel and foam pads that are currently used in the industry. It’s a design that I developed in 2013 to aid my Dad, Gordon, in his occupation as a joiner. 


Recoil Knee Pads Founder Victoria Hamilton


I often get asked; “Why do I do this? What is the need for a new knee pad?  What’s this all about?”


I’ve seen first-hand, through my Dad, the strain a lifetime in the manual trades industry can put on the body, and I now want to make sure others are better equipped and prepared to deal with the physical demands of the job so that they can continue to work longer, happier and in less pain!


This blog focuses on the philosophy I have come to adopt. A philosophy that I now embed within my business about the importance of protecting your employees, and one that I now promote and share to encourage others to develop a similar attitude.


For a business, your employees are your most valuable asset. If you don’t protect them correctly it can be damaging to not only their health and wellbeing, but also to your bottom line and the moral of your organisation; as employees become unwell and require time off or work in continuous pain.


Recoil Knee Pads were designed because my Dad was struggling at work. His knees had taken a beating over the past 30 years and current gel and foam pads on the market just weren’t cutting it. One night over dinner, he joked, why don’t you design me some new knee pads…and the result was Recoil Knee Pads. A design that utilises springs sandwiched between two layers to absorb impact and spread pressure evenly across the knee – and a recent study by the University of Strathclyde found they resulted in a 76% pressure reduction on the knee, which was a 20% improvement on
the next best gel competitor tested in the same study. 


Recoil Knee Pad - Exploded Shot


Recoil launched in June 2016 on our website and since then have gone on to help hundreds of tradesmen and women across the UK. Not long after launching in June 2016, we received this fantastic review on Amazon:

Recoil Knee Pads Amazon Review

We were amazed at the response the product received, and decided we wanted to speak to this anonymous customer. After some detective work, we finally tracked down Ben Shotter, a tiler in his late 20s. Ben told us he had been tiling for 12 years now, and the pain in his knees was starting to become quite a big problem; "I did a sponsored walk a few years ago and had to be picked up and taken home three days into the trip because my knee had swollen up and was causing me worrying amounts of pain."

Unlike some of our customers, including my Dad, who unfortunately don’t think about knee protection until it is too late, this happened to Ben not because he didn't wear protection (he even spent £200 on an ergonomic tile seat which is specifically designed for tilers to kneel on) but because the protection he was wearing wasn't sufficient enough for the amount pressure he was putting on his knee joints. He said; "The way I looked at it was that by the age of 40 I'd have to have a career change and also be left with permanent damage to my knees."


Recoil Knee Pads - Ben Shotter Tiling


Yes, there are solutions out there, but as demonstrated by Ben, they still don’t offer the levels of comfort and protection needed in the job. Recoil Kneepads spring design means pressure is evenly spread across the knee, therefore reducing the risk of long term damage and increasing user comfort. Ben said; "Recoil have literally changed my outlook on life and made work a far less painful experience."


For us, the buzz of helping others and hearing “you’ve saved me having to change occupation” is phenomenal, and that’s what it’s all about! 

Kneecoil Knee Pads - Facebook Review

I developed this for my Dad, it was designed with the aim of improving his working life and allowing him, and others in similar situations, to continue in their occupations.


In the construction industry, your body is the essential tool in your kit. You need to be in excellent physical shape to endure the stress and strain that accompanies your job. If you are still young, you might think that your body is impervious to injury or wear and tear, but just ask some of your experienced workmates and you'll start to realise that eternal youth is a fairy-tale and no amount of WD40 will take away the squeaks and aches of your overworked joints. Your knee joints are vital to overall mobility, and if they become damaged that can render you immobile until you recover or, much worse, result in a complete knee replacement.


As one of our customers, Robert, so wisely says; “you can’t grow a new knee”, so protect them now! Whether you’re an employer or end user, make sure you’re offering the knees of the workforce only the best protection that suits their needs. 

Recoil Knee Pads Customer Review


Such an amazing story, I wish them the best of luck with their business/movement within the trade.
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