Nine Twenty Manufacturing & Engineering – Why us? What do we do differently?

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Nine Twenty Manufacturing & Engineering-What do we do differently?

 24th May 2018

Did you know that here at Nine Twenty Manufacturing & Engineering, we are bouncing busy and actually turning some work away? Yes, I hear you gasp - a recruitment company saying no?

Nine Twenty Engineering & Manufacturing

In our company, we pride ourselves in being different and will often say no to business if we feel it is not right for us (whether that relates to markets, values or ethos) or we are too busy to spend he time needed to successfully deliver on the project. Our fill rate is high, and we tend to take on work that we are confident we can fill in the timescales given.


Clients appreciate the honest approach and personalised service we provide to them and it is the same from the candidate perspective. We try to meet with all of our candidates and then give them an honest service on what we can do for them. We also provide career coaching services and advice to many candidates across the UK and ensure we provide as much feedback as we can.


Karen Stewart

Director Karen Stewart

Feedback does seem to be a subject of discussion at the moment, and we often hear from candidates that they do not hear back from anyone. This can be the case after sending their CV for a live role, calling a recruitment company for information or sadly, even after they have been through an intense interview process. This is a sad truth of the current market, so we try to have a different edge and get as much feedback as we can for our candidates.


Going back to our delivery rate, of course we do not fill every role we take on and this can be for various reasons. Sometimes the role is unfillable and the data we provide means the client must rethink the role and their expectations. Sometimes we find that clients don’t want to work closely with us, but just want us to send CVs across. Although this can work, we find our success rates to be less effective than when we work closely in partnership.


Some clients are still almost frightened of building relationships with recruitment agencies as they see us all as salespeople who are out for themselves. Whilst this can be said of some people in the marketplace, you will find that working closely with us at Nine Twenty Manufacturing & Engineering, you will get a great service, a personalised approach, solutions that fit into your business model and access to a huge technical network that can help your business in so many ways more than just recruitment.


Our team are passionate and dedicated to solving your problems and we will never just try to fill a seat in your business, we will always ensure we add real value. Our candidates tend to stay and do well in the businesses we place them in and this is highly recognised by our network. If we get it wrong (which can happen from time to time) then we will work closely with the client and candidate to resolve the issues.


Really our ethos is just pure and simple good business practice….do what you say you’re going to do and if you can’t do something then let people know! Our values are collaboration, innovation, knowledge and network and staying true to these values has seen our business and network flourish.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in discussing in more detail, then please feel free to get in touch and arrange a chat.


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