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Candidates be more strategic in your approach! Less is more these days….

 15th Jan 2019


There is often a focus on agencies and their service, be it good or bad - we mostly hear of the bad stuff. Agencies do have to move with the times and change how they operate, they need to be more personable to candidates and really take the time to understand individuals and their requirements, also making sure they return phone calls and treat everyone respectfully.


Candidates also need to be educated on this new era in the job market, how should they work with agencies and what is the best way to find the right role for them. Some candidates come onto the job market and apply for every role they “think” they could do but don’t have the right background or experience. Some candidates register with every agency in the hope of spreading the net further to create more opportunities. Some senior candidates apply for very junior roles and then want to argue with you when you reject them. All of the points above is the wrong way to go about getting the best service from an agency and here's why...


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People who apply for every role they “think” they can do: This will go against you and devalue your CV. People get tired of seeing your CV drop into their inbox and your CV almost becomes white noise, so even when you apply for a role you are suitable for, by then the recruiters know you as a serial job applier and are more likely to reject you. Even if you believe you can do a role, people want to see a relevance to your application, be it background, industry or qualifications. This does not mean you can’t go for a wildcard role, but if you apply too often it can do more harm than good.  


Candidates who register with every agency:  This will not get you a tailored and personal service. Sending your CV to as many recruiters as possible and not meeting with any of them means that targeted consultants are likely to use your CV as a tool to win them business. They will send your CV to as many people as they can to hit their numbers with no real thought into you as a person. This means that some clients are receiving your CV (often without asking for it) from various agencies and they begin to question why you choose to work with everyone. Again, completely devaluing your CV.


Candidates with more senior experience and high package expectations that apply for junior roles will also not get the service they need either. Recruiters can have tunnel vision, and though they understand that you are capable of doing a junior role, the likelihood is you will keep looking for a role at the level you want to work, the package will not be enough, or you will struggle to operate at such a low level.


Lastly, candidates who try to bully their way onto your shortlist. This is happening more and more, and I do feel that inexperienced recruiters will struggle with your approach. You ask for feedback then complain when you don’t like what you hear. If you constantly question constructive feedback it can make the recruiter shy away from working hard for you.


Less is more these days, here are my suggestions to you if you are looking for work:

1. Choose two or three credible agencies who you know work in your sector of choice and have even come recommended for delivering an excellent service to candidates. Meet with one initially and tell them what you are looking for. Give them a week or so to see what they deliver and then if you feel you want to engage with the other agencies then go for it. The other agencies you choose should still be within the above criteria but perhaps have a different client base to the initial agency.


2. Work closely, openly and honestly with your chosen agencies. Candidates can be frightened to tell us about applications or interviews, but a credible recruiter should know most details about your job hunt so that they can avoid crossover. A credible agency will never chase your leads and are not asking for information to use for their own gain.


3. Don’t apply for a role unless it sounds perfect for what you are looking for and you are genuinely excited about the prospect.


If you can do the above, then I am sure you will have a better experience. Here at Nine Twenty Engineering & Manufacturing, our mission is not to meet as many people as possible, to send your CV to as many contacts as possible and to chase every lead and job out there. This is unusual for the recruitment industry but can work. However, we are strategic in our approach, we deliver a great service and we often get our candidates the right job for them. We use our network to come up with great opportunities for our candidates and often get our “wildcard” candidates into roles that they had only dreamed about but had struggled to break into a new market.


If you like to find out more about how we can help you land your dream job, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.



That was a great read, there is often a negative impression of going for jobs with agencies, due to some of the mentioned issues. This Is great advice to help work together to get the right job, and a long lasting relationship between candidate and a potential employer. Awesome guys! Thanks
Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 10:51 by Nick Harland

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