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Nurturing talent - we are all responsible for playing our part

 30th Apr 2019


“We just can’t find the right person”

“We offered the candidate the job, but they were offered more to stay where they were”

“We keep losing good people”

“Our workforce is aging” 

These are worries and complaints that I hear on a daily basis from all sorts of businesses. From corporates and SMEs to start-ups and family run companies, and across a variety of sectors and roles. 

Nine Twenty Manufacturing & engineering - nurturing your team

Is your team cohesive and well-rounded?

It’s a sad truth, but I find it more scary than sad. 

I have a view of the whole market and can see the common theme. But when I ask businesses what their people strategy is, more often than not I am given a blank look or told that they don’t have one in place.

Your people are your best asset, and not having a strategy in this area is crazy. Your brand, your culture, your talent development, your succession plans are all a hugely important part of ensuring your business continues to thrive. Some businesses have developed a strategy that works and therefore allows them to grow rapidly, but many are still lagging behind. 

What we are seeing at the moment is that there are no easy to fill roles in manufacturing right now. From planning to production with everything in between, we simply haven’t developed enough talent in our sector, and this is causing a huge problem.

My passion and mission in life and in work is to inspire people to at least consider the career opportunities that the manufacturing sector has to offer. I want to know that I have done my best to educate people on what the options are in the industry. 

So instead of complaining, I would urge you to look at yourself and your business and be honest enough to answer the question of “What are you doing about this problem?” 


Your Best Team - Nine Twenty Manufacturing & Engineering

What does your ideal team look like?


If it’s nothing, then I ask you to think about what you can do to make a difference. 

I am about to embark on my biggest and most exciting project yet (all will be revealed soon!) and if you want to chat with me about how your business can build a strategy around its people and teams, then please do get in touch with me to discuss further at


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