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Meet Our New Senior Consultant - Ross Cairns

 13th May 2019

The Nine Twenty Manufacturing & Engineering team continues to go from strength to strength, and this month we welcomed Senior Consultant Ross Cairns to the team. Read on to find out more about our new addition.



Can you tell us a little about your background before you joined the team at Nine Twenty?

Strangely, I worked in commercial scaffolding before I moved to Australia. Once I was there, I fell into recruitment (everyone has a different story about how they ended up in this industry) and that’s been four years now. I’ve worked directly in a range of industries from construction, engineering & manufacturing, rail, mining, and as support on a few more.


What attracted you to working with our team?

I was referred to Karen Stewart whilst I was still in Oz. I got on the phone and we had a good ole’ chat about present engineering & manufacturing operations. It was incredibly impressive to hear about the business and what Karen’s accomplished so far. I’ve had to build the desks I’ve worked on from scratch having been thrown in as a 360 consultant from my first day in the industry, so the opportunity to build again on the other side of the world was exciting.


What does your role in the business involve?

I’ll be working as part of the Engineering & Manufacturing (E&M) team here so I’m not in unfamiliar territory when it comes to the careers that can be on offer. I love working with contractors and I’ll be working on any permanent roles with clients that need assistance with along the way. Nine Twenty’s current E&M operations are so specialised so I’m coming in to hopefully work with businesses that support our clients’ current operations, identifying other key markets and diversifying to help Nine Twenty continue their impressive growth.


What is your focus over the next 3 months?

Over the next three months, I’ll be starting from scratch again so once I get my processes in place, I’ll be building a desk again and I can’t wait!


You have just completed your first week, how was that and what have you been up to?

It’s been head down all week! It’s so important to learn a new company’s systems, processes and the way they like to do things so you can then go and put your own spin on things. I can’t thank the team enough for their help so far and no doubt I’ll pester them a few times over the next few weeks. I’ve also been reaching out to large, international clients that I had relationships within Australia while identifying an in-demand market to diversify Nine Twenty’s business, allowing me to start building that all-important desk.


Tell us more about who you are out of work?

Most don’t realise how hard we recruiters work and I’m a huge advocate of switching off at the weekend, aiming to reset the batteries before launching into another week. Outside of work I’m never in the house, so you can find me in a pub somewhere trying to introduce myself to as many people as possible. Everyone’s got a story and I like to see what I can learn from others. So, whether you’re someone looking for a job, or a client looking for people, don’t be shy to invite me for a pint and a chat!    




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