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Announcing our new initiative, Insp-Hire

 3rd Jun 2019

Since joining Nine Twenty back in 2015, Director of Manufacturing & Engineering Karen Stewart has been working tirelessly to promote these industries to a new generation of talent and get young people involved in STEM subjects and the advancement of Industry 4.0. As we celebrate our 15th birthday this year, we’re proud to announce the next chapter in our journey with our brand new initiative and event, Insp-Hire.  Karen tells us more...


Insp-Hire by Nine Twenty

“You may have noticed that some of our recent blogs and social media posts have mentioned our next big project, and I’m thrilled to finally share our big news. 

Since I joined Nine Twenty we have been on an amazing journey which has allowed me to be an entrepreneur, and to build a business and brand that is actually mine but remains in the Nine Twenty family.  In that time we have restructured, moved office, and worked so hard to generate a positive culture around what we do.


 As a team, we’ve driven our passions into creating the strongest technical network in the Scottish recruitment market, and we realised that our specialisms in Technology, Digital, Engineering and Manufacturing are merging together and have we’ve now positioned ourselves as one of the first recruitment companies at the forefront of supporting Industry 4.0.


Insp-Hire by Nine Twenty

As a business, we love to give back, and have been involved in some fantastic  charitable initiatives, and working with SmartStems has enabled us to inspire young people into STEM subjects.”

So, what’s next for the business? 

“Well Gordon and I want to do something where we know we can genuinely make a difference. We know we have the drive, the know-how and the network to really build a model that can inspire young people to work in the manufacturing, technology, engineering and digital industries. That’s why we have created Insp-Hire.

Insp-Hire is an initiative geared towards parents and guardians of children and young people (age 4-14) to learn about industry 4.0. We have seen that technology is moving at such a pace that education is now lagging behind, and we want to educate and inspire families to look at the future job market and what the required skills will look like in this new era. 


Insp-Hire by Nine Twenty

We have put together an amazing event in conjunction with our friends at SmartStems to be hosted in GCU on Saturday 14th September, for parents to come along with their children and be inspired together. 

We have inspirational speakers including Gillian Docherty from Data Lab, an amazing interactive exhibition space with virtual reality, digital twinning, 3D printers, electric vehicles and more. We’re also excited to offer 10 workshops where both parent and child can interact together to do things like learn to solve a cyber security attack, code Lego and build their own Fitbit. 

We’ll also have a routes to success area which shows the different paths that young people can take to reach their goals, along with soft skills sessions. 

On top of this, there will be s food and drink arena showcasing some of Scotland’s finest food and drink manufacturers with brief presentations on how their products are made.

Our event is also free of charge, and will be a great day out for families. 

This is Nine Twenty’s chance to give back this year and we couldn’t be more excited or proud. There has never been an event like this for parents, and we believe that it can really make a difference to the young people coming through the education system. 

Of course, we could not do this without the help and support of SmartStems, along with GCU who have kindly donated the venue. 

The feedback and response from our network has been huge, and we realise there is a massive appetite from the technology and manufacturing sector to get to the hearts and minds of families as it will benefit not only us, but the Scottish economy as a whole if we can develop strong talent pipelines together. 

It truly is collaboration at its finest!”


We will be announcing more info about all the events, activities and speakers at Insp-Hire in the coming weeks via our website and social channels so follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates. Tickets for the event are free, but limited! Booking now open here.



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