Nyomi O'Dowd 1 Year Anniversary

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Nyomi O'Dowd celebrates her 1 Year Anniversary!

 6th Mar 2020

Nyomi O'Dowd celebrated her 1 Year Anniversary as a Consultant at Nine Twenty Engineering & Manufacturing and carried out a Q&A talking about her experience here. 

Happy 1-year birthday at Nine Twenty, tell us how your last year has been?  

Thank you, wow what a whirlwind. How can that have been a whole year already?! I don't want to sound too 'cheesy' but the last year really has been amazing and has changed my life for the better. I love my job, my desk, my clients, my candidates and every single person at Nine Twenty. I was quite anxious about returning to Nine Twenty but I honestly can't thank Karen Stewart enough for seeing something in me and giving me an opportunity within the Engineering team. I can honestly say that I am a much happier person one year down the line and financially better off, I am so proud and thankful to say that I am making more money now in recruitment than I ever dreamed of before!


What have been your major achievements?  

There has been lots so far but the biggest for me would have to be; hitting target within my first 3 months of joining the business and qualifying for the Marbella trip away. 

Wow, what a holiday and some memories made that will last a lifetime! Bringing on new business for my team and having big months in terms of revenue has also been a huge deal for me. In January just there I billed over £20k... This time last year before starting back with Nine Twenty, I had lost faith in myself and didn't believe anymore that I was capable of any of the above.


What do you enjoy most about being back in the business?  

I enjoy the environment, the people and the flexibility and independence I am given to control my own desk. 

At Nine Twenty, I am treated like an adult and rewarded greatly for my hard work. I really love the Engineering & Manufacturing industry that I am working in, I feel I have found my home within Engineering. It's a truly awesome feeling to be placing candidates in their dream job and genuinely changing lives for the better!


What does the next year hold for you?  

The next year is going to be super busy and very exciting... I have a Baby Boy on the way and a busy desk filled with cool clients, exciting jobs and great candidates. The year ahead looks a lot like bottles, walks with the pram and even more 'DEALS'!!! 


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