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Nine Twenty Masterclass – West Lothian College

 25th Nov 2020

west lothian college

Our regular readers will be familiar with Nine Twenty's passion for developing our future workforce and will have followed our work in Industry and Education and how we reach out to our network to support with some amazing initiatives. Well please read on for information on how you can be an influential part of the next initiative we are supporting.


Nine Twenty Engineering & Manufacturing are proud to be working closely with West Lothian College on looking into the curriculum of the future and how we need to combine industry hand in hand with education to bring the course to life, to help students understand key challenges and real-life problems in the industry.


They have developed opportunities for Industry professionals to run masterclasses for students. What a perfect way for you to give back, make a difference to our future workforce, and be paid for it!


Masterclasses provide the opportunity for an immersive experience in specific subject areas. The master class experience allows everyone on a programme, in a class, or on a site visit, the opportunity to engage, work with and learn from the company’s local business expertise and world experiences in real-time. They can take many shapes and forms depending on the delivery style of the master class expert and the pre-planned requirement of the outcomes of the presentation.


Master class sessions can be presented online, in class, on-site, in the business and could include the following examples:

  • Interactive Assignment
  • Instruction
  • Presentations
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Groups discussion and working
  • Workbook – May have the opportunity to submit some workbook activity for masterclass expert feedback and critique to support the learning
  • Feedback


The masterclass areas could be in some of the following fields:

Engineering Mechanical, Electrical, Systems, Computing, Emerging Technologies, Product Design, and Development, New Technologies emerging in the industry, Future Advances, The Automotive Industry, Emerging Technologies in New Materials and Processes, Business improvement techniques, Running an SME, Building a business or Finances experience.

The master class adds real-life experience and up to date knowledge to the learning experience of the students and adds real-life experiential Value to the learning.  

So this is to reach my wonderful network who I know many of you would love to get involved with.


To show your interest, please apply to this online link below:



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