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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


In business, recruitment uses valuable time and resources.  Our fully outsourced offering allows you to focus on what you do best while capitalising on our expertise. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) product allows us to work in tandem with you, our client, as an extended function to manage all or part of your recruitment process. 

We provide an end-to-end RPO service that’s tailored to fit the size and needs of your organisation. We also make sure you can carry on with business as usual, by stripping out unnecessary processes and streamlining the full process.

A successful RPO model ensures that we will fill all roles while also making the process more efficient, reducing spend, and dramatically increasing the quality of candidates. Within this product, you will receive a dedicated resource who can work on or offsite, working closely with line managers and candidates managing the full process. Weekly or monthly MI reporting and dedicated online portals with added additions of online advertising, campaign management and portal access to supplement your project.


Managed Service Programme (MSP)


Our Managed Service Programme (MSP) works through a ‘single engagement, multi-sourced’ model. This means you only need to have one point of contact (us), and we take care of every aspect of the recruitment platform. This includes managing other suppliers via a tiered management programme, processing payroll, engaging with contractors, and taking care of all compliance processes, on your behalf.


Nine Twenty Engineering & Manufacturing operate across the following sectors, but not limited to;

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Oil, Energy & Utilities

  • Supply Chain

  • Warehouse & Logistics